An inclination towards the sweet things in life! Hi I'm Emily, 27, I live in Southern California. I love wabi-sabi, old things, new things, silly things... I make, share, love, wonder, laugh and anything else that catches my fancy. My ask is always open so say hello!




Anonymous asked: awww good for you!! And you're welcome!! Is it the handsome black guy you sometimes reblog pictures of you and him?!

Thank you, yes that’s him :)

Anonymous asked: you're gorgeous. Are you single?

thank you for the compliment, and no im taken.


I want to get more practice reading for people so for a bit I will be doing free three card readings, put an ask in my box. Must not be asked through anon and I will publish all replies on my page unless you ask me to keep it private. I will be using my astrology deck. Please do ask the questions mindfully so I can tune in as best as possible.

Athena was the goddess of wisdom…Today we need Athena's wisdom more than ever. She breathes soul and compassion- exactly what we have been missing- into the traditionally masculine world of work and success. Her emergence, fully armed and independent, from Zeus's head, and her total ease in the practical world of men, whether on the battlefield or in the affairs of the city; her inventive creativity; her passion for law, justice and politics- they all serve as a reminder that creation and action are as inherently natural to women as they are to men. Women don’t need to leave behind the deeper parts of themselves in order to thrive in a male-dominated world. In fact, women- and men, too- need to reclaim these instinctual strengths if they are to tap into their inner wisdom and redefine success.” -Arianna Huffington